Gift giving

Have you ever received a gift that is somewhat unique or personal? I am lucky enough to have experienced it. Receiving something other than a gift card or what I “wanted”, is heartwarming. Often times, they were gifts that I typically wouldn’t buy for myself. I have also been given a gift that wasn’t my … More Gift giving


Exfoliation- is it necessary? If you ask me….YES x a million! When working as a Medical Esthetician, most of my clients either had some type of in office exfoliation, or I recommended it, or sent them home with a product to help day to day. Why? Our skin becomes slower as we age to shed … More Exfoliation

Game changer

Many of us have “game changers” life is unpredictable. I have had more than a few….maybe I’ll go into those someday… The game changer that is currently wrecking havoc on our day to day life is my back. February 13, 2017 I had a lumbar laminectamy and discectamy on my L4/l5, at the Mayo Clinic … More Game changer

A must have! 

SMOOTH is my favorite multi-tasker💕 Lips, cheeks, eyes, kids, babies, elbows, feet…so many great uses! This multi-tasking beauty balm is full of natural oils, butters, and botanical extracts to rescue stressed lips and dry, rough skin. It can be used for dry patches on skin and cuticles. MULTI-TASK:Moisturizes dry skin on the body, including lips, … More A must have! 

Overnight facial oil

Retinol: Proven to solve several skin issues- when formulated correctly AND used correctly. Over the years when at trainings focused on anti-aging, I was given conflicting information about retinols. My clients would have extremely different results, with prescription varying percentages of retinol (tretinoin) and retinols in their skin care products. It was a HUGE learning … More Overnight facial oil