Overnight facial oil

Retinol: Proven to solve several skin issues- when formulated correctly AND used correctly. Over the years when at trainings focused on anti-aging, I was given conflicting information about retinols. My clients would have extremely different results, with prescription varying percentages of retinol (tretinoin) and retinols in their skin care products. It was a HUGE learning experience!
Here is some information from style caster with EVER being featured in the slide show. It’s a nice visual to see the price points of others, as well as knowing EVER is free of synthetics that interfere with the health of your skin!

A few key points!
• Tetrapeptide smoothes wrinkles and improves tone and elasticity
• Retinol – cell turnover, helps blemishes and sun damage
• Safe botanical based emollients to moisturize

I use the overnight facial oil a few times a week, I am in love ❤️ connect if you would like more information🌸 https://www.facebook.com/EverSkincare/posts/1220828674679485