Gift giving

Have you ever received a gift that is somewhat unique or personal? I am lucky enough to have experienced it. Receiving something other than a gift card or what I “wanted”, is heartwarming. Often times, they were gifts that I typically wouldn’t buy for myself. I have also been given a gift that wasn’t my taste. The feeling of receiving a gift that was selected for me, was a gift in itself. I have had the feeling of guilt that they spent their hard earned money on something I may not use, the “gift” is really the feeling you got from it. I have also experienced gifts that I didn’t know existed, couldn’t afford, or simply didn’t know I had a want for it.

Gifting is tough! I have found myself spending hours trying to find the “perfect” gift, only to end up purchasing a gift card. The thoughts are always- what do they NEED? WANT? – what don’t they need or want? A few times I have not given the gift I know would be perfect for them, because it is too personal or could somehow offend them.

IMG_0039I have taken chances over the years, because I figure…if they don’t really like it, they will donate, return, or re gift it to someone that will love it- and that is OK!

My favorite gift to give is skincare ! Skincare is a luxury as well as a necessity, everyone can use it and {most} of the time wants it. When I was in my 20’s retailing skincare in my esthetics studio, I was afraid to offend a few women in my life by giving them an anti-aging serum so I I gifted body scrubs and lotions. I quickly learned they were much more interested in getting that serum!! I have gifted new moms with eye cream instead of gifts for the baby. I have gifted teenagers with tinted moisturizer. I have gifted anti-aging products to anyone over the age of 20!

Eye cream can be given to anyone over the age of 16!

I gave my daughter a moisturizer that has non chemical spf along with antioxidants for her 11th birthday- why? She will get in the habit of using skincare as well as, protecting her skin from free radicals, sun, chemicals, and hopefully skin cancer. I want her to use good skincare and makeup that isn’t full of harmful ingredients that will damage her skin long term.

Giving the gift of skincare is personal, thoughtful, and appreciated. I’ve found Men  appreciate an exfoliation/pore type product. A wonderful graduation gift is a cleanser and moisturizer.  Eye creams and anti aging serums can be “one size fits all” so you really can’t go wrong with those!   Of course, you want to make sure you are selecting the correct product(s) to give….connect with me to help!

EVER yours,