Honestly, cooking has become my new hobby. I create interesting dishes daily, since I am 1.)Home 2.)live in southern Minnesota, so I can’t really go to the garden or ocean to get fresh food 3.) I know what I am feeding my family!

My mom will tell you, I was convinced I would have a chef and a maid. I would never need to learn from her in the kitchen, or in the laundry.  Well, I was wrong and she was RIGHT! I was very lost in my twenties. I worked full time and had my daughter when I was 26, and I could maybe cook your basics. I didn’t have a lot of money, and again…live in Minnesota so availability to fresh foods doesn’t exist except a couple months in the summer. I also was a “picky eater” I didn’t even eat salads. I was very chicken strips French fries girl. I was a runner, so luckily weight wasn’t an issue until after child birth and my back injury (more later).  My experiences the past 7 years of being with my husband and his exotic tastes, I have learned to love ethic and most foods! Add in the time I have at home, and I am getting pretty good at creating some yummy plates!

Ever yours,