Lake Life

Waking up every morning to the view of water is a blessing. I prefer the water to not be frozen….but being in Minnesota, November-April that is usually the case. It is mid-march as I am writing this, the lake was open a couple weeks ago.  We had a nice snow storm and temperatures dropped, refreezing it! I am looking out my big windows and it is starting to open up again. There are about 15 Mallards swimming around in the open water. The bald eagle has been back like every spring. We will have “dock day” soon, and get the dock & lift for the boat in the water- our family gets pretty excited this day. We get the boat out of storage, clean it up, and get it ready!


We spend an insanely amount of time on the water May-September. Our life revolves around the water the only factors that get in our way are: temperature and wind. My husband is an avid slalom skier, barefooter, and wakeboards (although, as he gets older, wakeboarding isn’t as aggressive!) I started slalom skiing and wakeboarding a few years ago, I really had no problem learning and I enjoy it! With my back, I will not be wakeboarding anymore and it will be awhile until I ski. Our daughter was barefooting at a young age, but I got nervous and have switched her over to skiing, and she is GOOD! Our son, who is 5 started skiing on a ski trainer this past summer- we are excited to see what happens this summer! It is an amazing feeling when the 4 of us are together on the water, we all enjoy every second of it. Kayaking has become a favorite for  Addie and her friends, I think because they can go out on their own and even go to the sandbar.  Tubing is always top on the agenda when we have company- kids just can’t get enough! Most of our time is usually Cruising on our lake, playing on the Maui mat or swim raft, heading to the chain of lakes, which has our fav restaurants  and our beloved yacht club. Having a few extras rooms is a nice added bonus, friends and family can stay for the weekend without hesitaton.

Life is truly better at the lake 💦

EVER yours,