Kaotic life…..

Life…If I only knew what 36 would be. I never imagined I would be divorced before 30, and remarried soon after. The chaos of my life in my 20’s meant a lot of recovery and “fixing” in my early 30’s. I thought I knew it all in my early 20’s. I strived for success and making the life I wanted. I made that life, I did it all. The only problem was, it wasn’t a healthy life I was living. I wanted love and happiness. I wanted security and comfort. I needed truth and reliability. I needed a future for my daughter and I.

In my past life, I had been a full time working mom, SINGLE full time mom that involved travel, part time working single mom. My home life was a mess, and I couldn’t do it all- but pretended I could. It wasn’t easy and I wasn’t happy. I started to open my eyes and  I saw there can be so much more to one’s life. I changed my views,  all of a sudden I am Married to an amazing man and full time stay at home mom. What? I have love, happiness, security, comfort, and so much more. I was no longer advancing, learning, moving forward, crushing goals- I needed to be doing a lot at the same time…creating chaos. I decided to get involved in my kids’ lives, focus on cooking and learning about different ingridents and spices, running and lifting, being a good wife, taking care of day to day activities and schedules, going to the park or pool with the kids, volunteering, learning water sports,downhill skiing, family focused adventures on the weekends, open to try new places and things, but, something was still missing- my passion for skincare.

How would skin care fit back into my life? I couldn’t work, our family dynamics work very well for us, we have a balance. We are happy. I had thought after Destin was in full time school, I could go back part time. I continued to learn about products and ingredients, providing advice and suggestions to past clients, family, and friends. Of course, there always is something to change our course…I injured my back, reality set in- I actually can’t ever work in skincare as an esthetician or really anything that revolves sitting, standing, lifting….I panicked a little. Now what?  What is going to fill the time that I spend doing all that I do to keep active and “happy”, timing is an amazing thing. A new(er) product line popped up while studying  clean skincare. I knew I had to try it, and instantly was hooked, and thought- this is it! My answer to that one thing missing….I became an EVER skin specialist.